BookJane + Amica

Healthcare worker deployed by BookJane J360 software working with an elderly patient

For nearly 25 years, Amica Senior Lifestyles has enriched the lives of Canadian seniors and their loved ones with its customized approach to meeting residents’ unique and evolving needs. Canadian-owned and operated, Amica residences can be found in neighbourhoods throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Amica Senior Lifestyles’ human resources and operations teams used BookJane’s platform to callout shifts to its facility staff so they could mobilize quickly.

BookJane was also used to rapidly hire non-care workers and deploy them to Amica Senior Lifestyles facilities to help with dressing, meal delivery and other non-health care tasks, freeing up time for nurses and personal care workers.

Amica Senior Lifestyles was able to coordinate corporate and facility-level messaging quickly and effectively with BookJane’s communication feature.

As a result of using BookJane, Amica Senior Lifestyles saw 40 percent more shifts taken and realized an 82 percent shift fulfillment rate. Importantly, facilities were able to swiftly communicate important updates to their staff, as they hadn’t been able to before, making staff feel informed throughout the pandemic as facility needs and dynamics changed quickly.

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