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BookJane + Seasons

BookJane healthcare worker smiling with senior patient

​BookJane is excited to celebrate one year of success in partnership with Seasons Retirement Communities. By implementing J360, BookJane’s all-in-one platform for workforce scheduling, shift callouts and staff communication, Seasons Retirement Communities has experienced meaningful results that point to the positive impact that technology has in improving the quality of the long-term care and senior living industry.


Since rolling out BookJane’s J360 platform in March of 2020, both the staff and residents of Seasons Retirement Communities have experienced the benefits of the comprehensive workforce scheduling platform. The J360 platform allowed Seasons Retirement Communities to optimize their resources, better allocate their own staff, and reduced agency spend and the need for additional support from external staff, which has been shown to improve the quality of resident care and job satisfaction of staff. In addition, the use of J360 cut down agency costs for the organization.


During Wave 1 of the coronavirus pandemic, BookJane supported Seasons Retirement Communities as its leaders and staff worked tirelessly to protect senior residents from the virus. In May 2020, BookJane helped Seasons Retirement Communities onboard and mobilize 1,200+ frontline healthcare workers to fill the need for additional staff resources during the first peak of coronavirus. In addition, leaders and staff used J360’s 2-way communication feature to keep team members informed about COVID-19 related information, shift changes, and any other information. Using this feature, team members were able to ask questions and stay in touch with their managers during this challenging and unprecedented time.


“We are delighted that BookJane has been able to support Seasons Retirement Communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond,” said Curtis Khan, CEO of BookJane. “The benefits that Seasons Retirement Communities have experienced in the past year with the help of the J360 platform shows how innovative technology plays an important role in advancing the long term care and senior living sector.”


"Seasons is very appreciative of our partnership with BookJane,” said LeighAnne Voll, Chief Operating Officer of Seasons Retirement Communities. “We love that the BookJane team gives thoughtful consideration to the end user's experience. We have found the team to be nimble and able to shift gears quickly.  If at first they are unable to accommodate a request, they inevitably come back to us with a way to make it happen in the future.  For those considering BookJane, I would definitely recommend them."

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