BookJane + OMA

OMA Ontario Medical Association healthcare workers at the ready after using BookJane software to respond to callout shifts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BookJane was selected as a technology solution for the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). Our mandate was to directly manage what could be a potential shortage of physicians in hospitals, long-term care, senior living and other healthcare facilities across Ontario. BookJane allows any hospital or healthcare facility in the Province to immediately broadcast a service request to physicians across Ontario, based on proximity and availability.


Physicians register directly through the BookJane platform and, within minutes, can see where there is a need for their services. Since launching, 3,000 physicians have registered on BookJane’s platform, and the OMA remains at the ready to face ongoing waves of the pandemic. This crisis demands creative solutions, speed of delivery and a partner who understands your challenges and can partner with you every step of the way. BookJane can help you plan today to be prepared for tomorrow.

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