Thursday, October 24, 2019

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BookJane Helps Solves Health Care's Labor Shortage Copy

BookJane Inc. (“BookJane”) helps solve one of health care’s most pressing issues — its shortage of qualified health care support workers.

BookJane Helps Solves Health Care's Labor Shortage Copy

TORONTO, October 24, 2019 ( — BookJane Inc. (“BookJane”) helps solve one of health care’s most pressing issues — its shortage of qualified health care support workers. The shortage of health care workers in health care is a growing global crisis.

Within the United States alone, it is estimated that nearly 4 million health care workers will be needed by 2030 to support the aging population. Years of chronic underfunding by governments across the developed world have facilitated an environment where current-day support workers lack access to full-time work and future care workers are dissuaded by entering the industry due to low wages. Separate from government policy, technology has a role to play in solving this crisis.

“Our technology allows resource-strapped health care facilities to better utilize their own part-time and casual staff to fill empty shifts within their long-term care home or retirement home,” said Curtis Khan, CEO of BookJane.

Increased utilization of a home’s own staff begins with allowing their team members to pick-up shifts from a mobile device. BookJane has developed an award-winning mobile application and platform that allows health care workers to browse and select any open shift they want straight from their phone. This replaces the current process in which a home’s scheduler will have to manually call each team member to see if they want to pick up an open shift.

The benefits of picking up shifts on a mobile app, as opposed to manual callouts, are immediate. Team members have access to 40% more working hours, thus addressing one of the main causes of the global worker shortage — access to full-time work. By allowing team members to pick up more shifts, health care facilities will see a 40% increase in team member retention. Booking shifts online helps facilities reduce their scheduling time by 80% and overtime expenses by 40%. Combined, these are net savings that facilities can use to re-invest in resident care.

BookJane’s technology is currently deployed in over 700 facilities in North America and works with some of the largest health care organizations today.

BookJane’s popularity is not going unnoticed; it has been named as the Ontario Long-Term Care Association’s Best New Product for 2019.

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BookJane is an award-winning staff management platform transforming the way 700+ healthcare facilities across North America schedule and fulfill shifts. Their all-in-one platform streamlines complex scheduling, connecting qualified internal and external workers to open shifts through their centralized Mobile App. With BookJane, facilities can easily engage staff, manage open shifts and fulfill vacancies with automated and rule-based shift callouts, eliminating the administrative burden of scheduling, so they can focus on what matters most: caring for residents.

BookJane's Platform can be deployed virtually and immediately. For more information, please email or call 1-855-265-5253 and visit:

Media Contact: Mallory Tretter | Senior Marketing Manager

Phone: 416-859-2229 



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